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Established in 2022, we strive to redefine cleaning in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County.

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Elite Roof Cleaning

With over a decade of cleaning experience under his belt, our founder has picked up a lot of knowledge and skills in his time in the industry.

Before launching this venture, he dedicated years to honing his craft, ensuring that when Elite stepped onto the scene, it would offer nothing short of the best.

Today, we offer more than just cleaning services. With an experienced team, we bring our years of expertise and knowledge to every job.

Our dedication is what sets us apart. Since our owner oversees every job, we guarantee the best quality. Our client’s positive reviews highlight the superior service we offer.

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Regular pressure cleaning enhances your property’s curb appeal, provides a clean environment for customers and employees, and helps maintain the building’s condition.

Remove all furniture and decorations, sweep off loose debris, and ensure that windows and doors are closed to prevent water infiltration.

Drying time varies based on weather conditions, but typically, a patio dries within a few hours after pressure cleaning under normal sunny conditions.

Improper pressure washing can damage roofs. It’s crucial to use appropriate techniques and pressures, especially for shingle or tile roofs, to avoid harm.